There's a seat at our table for your child!

We have a total of 40 seats for Nursery students. 

We save 15% (6 seats) for the economically weaker section. There are 34 seats for general admission.  

If your child will be 3.0 years on 31st March 2022, they are eligible. 

Admission is granted on a first come, first served basis. 

So, come claim your spot today!

A printed admission form is also available in the school office. Please stop by to let an admissions representative help you.

Required Documents

Please submit all required documents for your pupil to the school office at the time of filing the completed admission form.

  • Birth certificate

    Submit both the original birth certificate and a photocopy. An affidavit will not be accepted in lieu of birth certificate.

  • current photo

    Submit two (2) recently taken passport-sized photographs.

  • vaccination record

    Submit a copy of the record of vaccinations received.

  • aadhaar card

    Submitting a copy of the student's Aadhaar card is optional.

  • caste certificate

    If applicable, submit your caste certificate verifying SC/ ST/ OBC during the admission process.

Admission Fee

Registration             Rs. 100/-

Admission                Rs. 28,000/-

Development           Rs. 1,200/-

Examination            Rs. 2,600/-

Security                    Rs. 1,000/-

Total Adm. Fee       Rs. 32,900/-

Monthly Fee (NURSERY) : Rs. 2,552/-

School Working Hours

Daycare  :  08 am - 05 pm

Play-Way to UKG  :  08 am - 12:30 pm

Grade 01 to Grade 10. :  08 am - 02 pm

Grade 11 & Grade 12  :  08 am - 12:30 pm